“Downloads” sounds a bit encumbering to me, but I couldn’t think of a better term. If I have some kind of file for you to download (for whatever reason) this is a decent place to find it. As a warning not everything makes it’s way here.

My GPG Public Key – Want to receive something encrypted from me? You can! Want to encrypt something only I can read! You can! Of course, this is rather dependent on me actually wanting to send you something or you having something you want to send to me that needs to be encrypted. Still, if you find yourself in that position, you can download this key. If you have some reason not to trust this one as from me, you can also go to the MIT PGP server and grab it there. You’re looking for Key ID EA71FD22. (This key is canonical as of August 14, 2013)

Note: There used to be a number of files here from various posts. I’m looking through my backup data to see if I can find a copy of them.

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. hi
    I am working on a project for the home security
    this project consists of wireless motion detectors and some other kinds of wireless sensors and wireless switches and a device should be connected to the computer through the USB cable and a program to receive the data from the device such as sensors signals and the program can send a signal to certain switch to be on or off
    I am looking for some help
    would you

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