“Downloads” sounds a bit encumbering to me, but I couldn’t think of a better term. If I have some kind of file for you to download (for whatever reason) this is a decent place to find it. As a warning not everything makes it’s way here.

Looking for my GPG Public key? You can find it on my Encryption page.

Note: There used to be a number of files here from various posts. I’m looking through my backup data to see if I can find a copy of them.

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. hi
    I am working on a project for the home security
    this project consists of wireless motion detectors and some other kinds of wireless sensors and wireless switches and a device should be connected to the computer through the USB cable and a program to receive the data from the device such as sensors signals and the program can send a signal to certain switch to be on or off
    I am looking for some help
    would you

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