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But *my* phone already does that…

Posted on by Aaron

Today was the iPhone OS 4 announcement/meeting/thing – Basically a press conference for Apple to tell the world how awesome they are. This is not an uncommon thing and the … Continue reading

WWDC Keynote reflections

Posted on by Aaron

First off: No, I was not actually present at the keynote this morning. I was watching updates flow in through the news feed while at work. I wish I had … Continue reading

Kindle iPhone App

Posted on by Aaron

I’ve never been really into ebooks. The primary trouble has always been a matter of how to read them. Computers are inconvenient because they’re only in one place. Though I … Continue reading

iPhone Apps

Posted on by Aaron

iPhone apps have been around as long as I’ve had an iPhone.I got my iPhone about 6 months in, on Christmas of 07, as many people did. Apple hadn’t yet … Continue reading

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