Well now what? (My new laptop)

We have a handful of computers in our house. My Desktop, my wife's Desktop, our media/backup server, and a netbook. The netbook's job was relatively simple. It [...]

Back on the 3D-Printed Horse

Several months ago, I finally got my hands on a mostly-working 3d printer. A maker bot. After irritated months of tinkering, I had trouble getting it to print [...]

Blurring the Lines in Digital Content Shifting

I ran into a dilemma today that I never expected to run into and it has to do with fairness when it comes to digital property. I'm an advocate of [...]

My First Printed Plastic Part

I have been working at this for months. A couple of years ago, I found out about the RepRap project. The idea behind the reprap (if you haven't talked to me [...]