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Me and Cory Doctorow

10 minutes with Cory Doctorow


This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go see Cory Doctorow (arguably my favorite author) on the local stop of his tour for his new book Homeland. He had been … Continue reading

Library Header

Thoughts on Libraries


My wife works at our local public Library. We started visiting there more recently and I was once again struck at the accessibility and amount of information there. For a … Continue reading

2012-12-26 06 Admiral Ackbar Trap Box

It’s a Trap!


For the past few years, my brother and I have been pranking each other a bit when it comes to gifts. It took on a rather peculiar theme a couple of years … Continue reading




Sometime before Thanksgiving we (Hykel and I) agreed to bring bread to Thanksgiving Dinner. Rolls, specifically. I figured when we’d agreed to it that we would probably just be buying something … Continue reading


Star Trek!


I was going to say that this is the nerdiest thing I’ve done in public in a while. But I was presenting at MakerFaire just a couple of months ago, … Continue reading


My Perfect Phone


I got my first cell phone in 2005. It was a Nokia candybar identified by some 4 digit number. At the time I carried it along with a Handspring Edge … Continue reading


Attached to a steel cable 30 feet above the ground.


A week ago was Hykel’s birthday. After seeing a billboard on the highway (yes, sadly they actually work), she expressed some interest in taking on what is termed as an … Continue reading


The Aaron Eiche Podcast, Episode 8


Sometime before my computer had a complete and total meltdown, I made episode 8 of The Aaron Eiche Podcast. My backup routine fortunately saved it for me, and I thought I’d … Continue reading

Portland Maker Faire

Me at the Portland MakerFaire


This past Saturday (Sept 15) I got to participate in Portland’s first annual MakerFaire. I’ve written about MakerFaires before, but this is the first one where I was showing off … Continue reading

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