Author: Aaron

Fun with IR

I've got a project coming up that deals with IR data transmission, so I thought I'd take some time and make a simple IR circuit to prove that I could. This is [...]

Google Chrome is a good idea, but there’s a coming problem.

With the recent announcement of Google's Chrome OS, I think the dreams of many of us are beginning to show signs of reality. Those dreams have to do with [...]

Arduino Starter Rundown

Update: A useful comparison chart of Arduino Starter kits has been posted (by me) at I invite you to check it out there. If you [...]

My Macbook Mini

"MacBook Mini" is a name that has been attached to making a hackintosh out of a Dell Mini 9 (or a Vostro A90... same machine really). When Hykel decided to fly [...]

Finding my Footing

Back in February I decided to make a change to this website. It had gone from being a professional showcase to a blog. Part of the change was inspired by my [...]

WWDC Keynote reflections

First off: No, I was not actually present at the keynote this morning. I was watching updates flow in through the news feed while at work. I wish I had been [...]

The garage you’ve always wanted: TechShop Portland

A few years back I started to get more nerdy than I had ever been. By more nerdy, I mean that I began to take an interest in a wide variety of things that [...]

(My) 2009 Birthday Wishlist

A month from tomorrow is my Birthday. Whenever it comes to a holiday or event that involves some gift receiving on my part, the question inevitably comes "What [...]

Shameless plug for a contest entry

As the title says, this is a shameless plug. If you don't know what that is, it's a common expression that means "I have no excuse for this except my own [...]

Gadget FlashBack: The Apple Newton MessagePad

What can possibly more be said about the Newton, that hasn't been said already? I'm not really sure, but something drove me to own one... actually, I owned a [...]